Jascha Fibich

My diary of solitude

In March 2020 I had to quit my semester abroad in Lausanne/Switzerland after only three weeks. Just before the borders closed due to the Corona Pandemic, I took the train to be with my family. I have been living in the village for three months now, documenting life and the feelings of uncertainty, fear and loss of control associated with the crisis. In this process, I created also moments with an installative character. Their absurdity transporting a metaphorical connection to the current situation.
The story takes place in different places, most of the pictures I took in my parents' house. The view from inside to outside have an important part in the photo series. Outside, I show abandoned places, playgrounds and empty houses, which are symptomatic examples of the current time. The main characters in my pictures are my sister and my girlfriend, who lived with me in quarantine.