Jascha Fibich

Moving Pictures

Hebammen Kreißsaal Grimma

The image film shows the work of the midwives in the beautiful and cozy birth room in Grimma.


Static photographs of the gardens and the residents show the life in Kalleberch in a humorous way.

Workshops of the Faculty of Art and Design

This film is made by students for potential students and provides many authentic insights into studying Product Design.


The images of an unnatural beach and the sounds of a bird repellent on a vineyard merge into a grotesque short film.


In acro-yoga, a person is worn on the feet and hands of the partner. You experience a feeling of weightlessness or flying. The sounds of quartz glass bowls put you in a hypnotic state.

Mapping for the Innovationspreis Thüringen

For the XX. Thüringer Innovationspreis In 2017, we developed a mapping animation in a team and presented it on the screen we designed.

Teaser Oderkurz-Filmspektakel

For two years I have participated in the jury and organization of the Oderkurz-Filmpektakel. Also I make the teasers of this beautiful festival in Oderbruch.

Tramprennen - Hitchhiking from Germany to Bulgaria

Tramprennen is an annual hitchhiking race organized by Club of Roam-Autostop! e.V., in which over 100 go-getters hit the road using their thumbs. The competition takes you through Europe, and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there’s plenty of room for spontaneity and discovering different places and people.