Jascha Fibich


The WILD WEST in the East

With this project, "The WILD WEST in the East", I explore an East German community that has a societal and personal fascination with indigenous American culture. The photographs document the enduring attraction to these cultures within Germany. Furthermore, the project enagages with the various controversies that arise from this fascination and interrogates social perceptions of cultural "authenticity".


Merkers is the epitome of the Thuringian province. It was an industrial settlement which has almost entirely lost its economic significance. The series shows its inhabitants, old and new.

Collect Bauhaus

This exhibition leaves the beaten museum path to ask the question: what has become of Bauhaus’s original works?
As well as the objects themselves, I am also particularly interested in their relationships with people. How did collector’s pieces find their way into the hands of their current owners, and how are they now used?

Transformer-Towers in the Muldental

These towers transform medium voltage electricity from the transmission line into low voltage for households. They are predominantly found in rural areas.
In many places they are not in use anymore.

"Fucking Bored Me"

These self portraits are a dystopian commentary on current times.
Photographed on 8x10" film

Power and consumption in large format

For this series I photograph fascist architecture, which is used commercially today. Despite the buildings' troubled past, these places have been given new life.