Jascha Fibich

Video Art

Hebammen Kreißsaal Grimma

This promotional film showcases the work of the midwives in the beautiful and cozy birth room in Grimma.


'Kalleberch' attempts to create a portrait of the well-to-do inhabitants of Karlberg. The use of static shots emphasises how such exclusivity makes me feel uncomfortable.

Workshops of the Faculty of Art and Design

While studying at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, one of my peers and I produced a promotional video for potential students that provide practical insights into the Product Design course. It centers around the different types of work carried out in the various workshops at the university.


The images of an unnatural beach and the sounds of a bird repellent on a vineyard merge into a grotesque short film that uses exclusively static shots.


This video documents an acro-yoga performance where one performer balances on the hands and feet of another. Accompanied by the sounds of quartz glass bowls, the seemingly weightless performance has a meditative, hypnotic effect.

Tramprennen - Hitchhiking from Germany to Bulgaria

I participated and documented 'Tramprennen', which is an annual hitchhiking race organized by Club of Roam-Autostop! e.V., in 2016. Over 100 adventurers hit the road using only their thumbs. The competition took us through Europe, and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there was plenty of room for spontaneity and discovery.
The movie is an ode to the joys of hitchhiking.