Jascha Fibich


Merkers is an ideal place to explore the Thuringian province. It was an industrial settlement which has completely lost its economic importance. The series shows the old and new inhabitants, including asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Syria and Central Africa.

Collect Bauhaus

This exhibit is following a trail off the beaten museum path: what has become of Bauhaus’s original works?
As well as the objects themselves, I am also particularly interested in their relationships with people. How did collector’s pieces find their way into the hands of their current owners, and how are they used?

Power and consumption in large format

For this series I photograph fascist architecture, which is used commercially today.

East Side Gallery

This is a selection of my photos from the documentation of everyday life at the East Side Gallery.

Transformer-Towers in the Muldental

These Towers transforms medium voltage from the transmission line in low voltage for the households. They are predominantly found in rural areas. In many places they are unused.